An Assortment of Folk Related Links

This list is updated only occasionally, so let me know
if you find any of the links are no longer current.


  • Folk Australia

  • The Folk Australia web site contains information about folk music right across Australia, with links to sites in other places as well.
  • Folk Alliance Australia
  • An essential port of call for information about Australian folk festivals, folk clubs, magazines, instrument makers and the music industry.
  • Folk Federation of NSW
  • The Folk Federation of NSW presents, supports and encourages the folk arts in NSW and this site carries information about folk activities across NSW.
    The National Library produces, collects and preserves recorded interviews and other forms of oral history. The Library's Social History collection includes 58,000 oral history and folk recordings, many of which can be accessed via local libraries.
  • Australian Folk Songs
  • Collection of Australian folk songs, including a chat site and much more.
    An excellent resource base for learning about aspects of Australian folklore.
  • Wongawilli
  • The home page of the Illawarra based band who play collected Australian music and stay up all night drinking cheap red wine.
  • Folk Against Fascism
  • This organisation encourages the English folk community to celebrate music, traditions and customs without being bigoted or racist, countering attempts by the far-right BNP to co-opt English music and culture.
  • Ceolas
  • Claims to hold the largest on-line collection of information on celtic music on the internet, with hundreds of links to related sites.
  • Richard Robinson's
  • Enormous collection of sheet music for traditional tunes from around the world.
  • JC's Tune Finder
  • Another enormous collection of sheet music for traditional tunes.
    More tunes and more reasons to play music. Find all those tunes you've always wanted to learn. Mostly Irish, but with lots more being added all the time.
    "O'Neill's Music of Ireland" was pretty much the definitive collection of Irish tunes prior to the internet, as compiled by Francis O'Neill, a General Superintendent of Police in Chicago . (You need to be able to cope with Zip files to make the most of this site.)
  • Free Sheet Music.net
  • A long list of links to other sites where you can find even more sheet music.
    Sheet music again - the name might be familiar, but this site is in Norway.
    Even more sheet music. These are some of the tunes we play around here.
  • Folkmusic dot org
  • Useful site for finding mostly American folk information.
  • Smithsonian Institution
  • It would be wonderful if we could point you to an Australian equivalent of this remarkable "independent trust instrumentality of the United States", but there isn't one. With 140 million artifacts and specimens this is much more than a museum.
  • Representative Poetry On-Line
  • A Canadian site with one heck of a lot of poetry.
    Australia's own folk magazine, published quarterly, with news, articles, reviews, artist profiles, calendar of events, a CD distribution facility and more.
    Pre-eminent American folk magazine.
  • Folk Roots
  • Popular UK based folk magazine.
  • Musical Traditions
  • Another popular UK based folk magazine with good articles on music, dance recordings and what's happening in the UK.

  • The Lark in the Morning
  • US retail site for world musical instruments, books and recordings.
  • Urban Legends Reference Pages
  • Wonderful site devoted to the compiling of urban legends - and some of them about Walt Disney might just be true!

    Leura based whistle retailer, providing the full range from el cheapo to hand-made, including UK, Irish, Australianand American brands.

  • Chiff and Fipple
  • The poststructural tin whistle internet experience.
  • Ukulele Hall of Fame.
  • A very silly site devoted to the cutest musical thing with strings.
    Graham McDonald lives in Canberra and is a well respected builder of stringed instruments. I play one of Graham's instruments.
    It has to be as good a method as any!

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    The following sites include song lyrics:
  • The Ballad Tree
  • Here you can find over 2000 links to folk-related sites - lyrics, artists, MP3 sites, music, etc. A real online folk encyclopedia reference.
  • Digital Traditions
  • This site contains words to 8000 songs, with lots of information about folk things. Interesting discussion forum.
    Lots of songs listed, not all with lyrics, but this Danish site is constantly growing. Includes some Australian material.
  • COWPIE Song Archives
  • Mostly country songs.
  • Shantys and Sea Songs
  • The title says it all.
  • Folkbook Lyrics
  • Lots of links to singer-songwriter lyrics, with lists of lists of lists of other similar sites.
  • Froggy's Novelty Song Lyric Collection
  • This person has gone to a lot of trouble to compile the words to some truly daft songs.
  • International Folksong Index
  • A German site with sea songs, war songs, hiking songs, drinking songs, Christmas songs and more, mostly from Europe and North America.

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