Archived Playlists:  October - December 2021

'Come All Ye' is a folk music radio program broadcast on 2MCE-FM each Sunday from 12 to 2pm, heard across the central west of NSW, Australia, from the cities of Bathurst (92.3 Mhz) and Orange (94.7 Mhz).  The program is streamed and later becomes available as a podcast.  Bruce Cameron has hosted 'Come All Ye' since 1976, making it the longest running folk / acoustic / roots program on Australian radio still with its original presenter.


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24 October 2021

The featured album was  FIRE DRAW NEAR - AN ANTHOLOGY OF TRADITIONAL IRISH SONG AND MUSIC  compiled by Ian Lynch, a Dublin based musician and member of the band Lankum, a folklorist and broadcaster.  (River Lea Recordings)  This is a most interesting and significant contemporary contribution to the promotion of collected traditional Irish music, including material sourced from over six decades.  The following tracks (with named performers) were scattered through the program:

WOMAN OF THE HOUSE (The Raineys);  WHEN I WAS IN HORSEBACK (Mary Doran);  PADDY'S PANACEA (Tom Lenihan):  THE KILFRUSH (Tommy Reck);  AMHRAN NA HEASCAINNE (Joe Heaney);  COLONEL FRASER ( Johnny Doran);  THE JOLLY TINKER (John Reilly Jr.)

NEVER PUT TO SEA BOYS / Linda Thompson / Won't Be Long Now / Topic

KISS THE MAID / Dessie Kelliher, Brian O'Loughlin, Tom Delaney / Well For Some / self published

THE GIFT OF GOD / Kitsyke Will / Devil's Ride / Highway Records

THE OLD TORN PETTICOAT / Kitsyke Will / Devil's Ride / Highway Records

* WOODTURNER'S LOVE SONG / Phyl Lobl / Bronzewing / self published

THE MIAMI / Jez Lowe / Jack Common's Anthem / Tantobie

CAVEAT FOR CATPURSES / Pilgrim's Way / Stand And Deliver / Talking Cat

MYSTERIOUS MOSE / The Motor City Sidestrokers / Strokin' / self published

THE FIEND AND THE HOUND / Assynt / A Road To The North / Garthland Records

THE FAITHFUL PLOUGH / Chris Foster / Hadelin / Green Man Productions

BILL STARK'S FIDDLE / Steve Lawrence & Hudson Swan / Amalgamation / Lochshore

DURANG'S HORNPIPE / Gil Kiesecker / Dance Fiddler From The Blue Mountains / Voyager

THEID MI DO LOCH ALAINN / Julie Fowlis / Alterum / Machair Records

* BEWARE OH TAKE CARE / Honeyfields / Fortune's Wheel / self published

TURTLE AND THE ASP / Skyhook / At The Stringsmith's Forge /

EYRE ON A C STRING / Skyhook / At The Stringsmith's Forge /

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17 October 2021

The featured album was  WIGHT COCKADE  by  THE DOLLYMOPPS  (WildGoose).  A trio who sing songs, mostly a cappella, from the folk tradition of southern England and, in particular, songs collected from their native Isle of Wight.  The following tracks were scattered through the program:


* RIPPLES IN THE ROCKPOOL / Colcannon / Covering Our Tracks / Greentrax

SEVEN YELLOW GYPSIES / The House Band / October Song / Green Linnet

THREE RUSTY SWORDS / The House Band / October Song / Green Linnet

WE ARE CLIMBING / Beverly Smith and Carl Jones / Glow / DittyVille

CLUCK OLD HEN / Beverly Smith and Carl Jones / Glow / DittyVille

NORMAN MACLEAN OF LORA / Griogair Labhruidh / Dail-riata / Dunach Records

ORAN DO 'N MHORAIRNE / Griogair Labhruidh / Dail-riata / Dunach Records

WHEELS / John McCutcheon / Sprout Wings And Fly / Rounder

* AMONG PRODDY DOGS AND PAPES / Alistair Hulett / Dance Of The Underclass / Mighty Boy

* THE STOLEN KISS / David Hyams and the Miles To Go Band / Knowing The Place / self published

* FAREWELL TO NIGG / Strathmannan / Strathmannan / self published

BONY ON THE ISLE OF ST HELENA / Uncle Earl / Waterloo, Tennessee / Rounder

WINGS / Drop The Box / Honeytrap / Lochshore

BLACK MYSELF / R Giddens. A Kiah, L McCalla, A Russell / Our Native Daughters / Smithsonian Folkways

UP IN THE MORNING EARLY / Billy Ross / Shore Street / Greentrax

GALLO DEL CIELO / Tom Russell / Song Of The West / HMG

DA SLOCKIT LIGHT / Frankie Laine / Dobro / Gael-Linn

FREEDOM SONG / Karan Casey / Chasing The Sun / Vertical Records

LADS OF ALNWICK / Kathryn Tickell / The Gathering / Park Records

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10 October 2021

The featured album was  CLOSING THE GAP  by  BRUCE MOLSKYíS MOUNTAIN DRIFTERS  (Tree Frog Music).   This is another outstanding release from one of the best old-time multi-instrumentalists in the business.  Molsky only plays fiddle and sings this time around, with Allison de Groot on banjo and Stash Wyslouch on guitar.  Great vocal harmonies and tune selection, as always.  The following tracks were scattered through the program:


VIAXE / Mutenrohi / Sete / Zouma

* THE RASPBERRY PICKERSí SONG / Harvest Moon Band / In Some Old Shed / Collective Effort

SWEET MILK AND PEACHES / Mike Compton & Norman Blake Play The Tunes Of Narmour & Smith / Gallop To Georgia / Taterbug

THE BELL RINGING SONG / Hilary James / English Sketches / Acooustics Records

THE THOMSON BOYS / The Occasionals / Reel Of Four / Greentrax

SPRIG O THYME / Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham / Well Dressed / WildGoose

THE LITTLE BIRD SET / J P Cormier & Tim Edey / Once / self published

* ARNOLD WORDSWORTH / John Clarke / The Complete Book Of Australian Verse / ABC

MATTHEW LOVES MARK / Banter / Yes / Mrs Casey Records

KAFOOZALUM / Banter / Yes / Mrs Casey Records

HAI SAI OJI-SAN / John French, Fred Frith, Henry Kaiser, Richard Thompson / Live, Love, Larf. & Loaf / Shanachie

SALLY BROWN / Heidi Talbot / The Last Star / Navigator

THE BABYLON (+Just As The Tide Is Flowing) / Boldwood / Glory Of The West / Hobgoblin

ON THE ONE ROAD / The High Kings / Memory Lane / Universal

LA VALSE DíAMBRE / Bargainatt / Omic / self published

* OCTOBER SONG (+Corinna Corinna) / Hildebrand / Early Live Recordings / self published

* STAY HOME / The Maes / The Maes / self published

DIRT DUST LORRIES AND NOISE / Home Service / A New Ground / Dotted Line

NET HAULING SONG / The Dubliners / The Essential Collection / EMI

TCHINA / Thalweg / Berbero Celtic / Coop Breizh

* SOMEWHERE IN AMERICA / Eric Bogle / The Music & Song of Greentrax / Greentrax

THE FAITHFUL SAILOR BOY / The Keane Family / Muintir Chathain / Gael Linn

GORDONíS / Gnoss / The Light Of The Moon / self published

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3 October 2021

The featured album was  FISHES & FINE YELLOW SAND  by  WATERSON:CARTHY  (Topic).  All but one track on this 2004 release are traditional songs or older tunes played in the distinctive style of Englandís first family of folk.  The following tracks were scattered through the program:


SHOALS OF HERRING / Ceolbeg / Cairn Water / Greentrax

FOLLOW THE HERON / Cathie Ryan / The Farthest Wave / Shanachie

HAPPY TUNE / Daniel Koulack / Frailing To Succeed / Little Giant Music

CORNWALL THE LAND I LOVE / Brenda Wootton / Scarborough Fair / Castle Music

BROWN ADAM / Spiers & Boden / The Works / Navigator

CHAN CHAN / The Mammals / Rock That Babe / Signature Sounds

QUITE EARLY MORNING / The Mammals / Rock That Babe / Signature Sounds

* GALILEO / The Fagans / Kitchen Dance / self published

THE BOY IN THE BUBBLE / Paul Simon / Graceland / Warner Bros

THE PINERY BOY / Norah Rendell / Spinning Yarns / Two Tap Music

THE GABERLUNZIE MAN / The Tannahill Weavers / IV / Plant Life

MARY DANCED WITH SOLDIERS / Emmylou Harris and The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band / Will The Circle Be Unbroken / Universal

LA PORTE DANS ARRIERE / Joe Cormier and the Louisiana Aces / The Rounder Records Story / Rounder

MRS SCOTT SKINNER / D L Menard / The Rounder Records Story / Rounder

AURETTIíS DUTCH SKIPPER / Brass Monkey / Sound & Rumour / Topic

* TEXAS / Fred Smith / Pick Of The Crop 2009 / Trad & Now

ISU… / Mercedes Peon / The Ultimate Guide To Spanish Folk / ARC

* DRUMMOND CASTLE / Tolka / Tunes From The External Hard Drive / self published

* MISTY / The New Graces / Season / self published

SILICOSIS BLUES / The Golden Gate Quartet & Josh White / Freedom / Bridge

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